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Beijing ZhongLiHeKang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is the earlier in the health industry development and professional services company, relying on the concept of international health management services over the years in the health field deep plowing secret agents, become the world's leading Health and pension solutions provider, after several years of rapid development, has become China's health, pension industry leader in the field.MORE>>

    • product name: South Korea that the treasure SA-3000P mental stress analyzer

    • product name: AGEs AGEs Advanced Glycation End Product Detector

    • product name: German VICORDER Complete Vascular Laboratory

    • product name: France Eagle speech (diabetes version) body function scanner (general health scanning system)

    • product name: France Eagle speech (Professional Edition) Human body function scanner (general health scanning system)

    • product name: On the multi-functional air health machine

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